Our Chiropractors

Dr Maddison Ali (Chiropractor)
B.Chiro.Sc (Macq.), M.Chiro (Macq.)

Maddison holds a Bachelor of Chiropractic and Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University. Maddison loves treating people of all ages, with a passion for children’s health, women's health and family care. This includes pregnancy, through to newborns and into the teenage years, with particular interest in neurological development and how this influences health into adulthood.

Maddison has a long history within elite gymnastics, competing at both state and national level growing up. This has evolved into coaching and judging at present. Maddison has also held positions on the youth advisory board where she was able to implement and present on injury prevention strategies and motor development programs for preschool and school aged children.

Post university studies Maddison has furthered her education including kinesio- taping, NET, dry needling, rehabilitation, nutrition/supplementation, pregnancy care and baby/children health care.

Dr JEFF BAXTER ( Chiropractor )

Jeff gained his training as a Bachelor of Science (anatomy & physiology) & a Graduate Diploma in Chiropractic. He’s been in full time practice as a chiropractor since 1989. Before joining Hornsby Chiropractic in 2002, he was in private practice in Chester Hill (south-west Sydney).

He uses a number of Chiropractic techniques – including Cranio-Sacral therapy, Diversified, Activator & SOT – as well as dry needling, vitamin/mineral & herbal supplements, dietary and fitness advice.

The major focus of Jeff’s interest is the relationship between our health & our emotional wellbeing. ‘Stress’ – be it emotional, environmental, work, dietary etc – impacts & shapes our health & our ability to respond to life. Jeff aims to help his patients achieve good health through chiropractic care, good diet, exercise & education.

Jeff is passionate about working with his patients as a partnership, to help them achieve the very best in all facets of their health.

Dr STUART IVEY ( Chiropractor )
B.Chiro.Sc (Macq.), M.Chiro (Macq.), RTP (adv), TPI

Stuart is a graduate of Macquarie University having completed a 3 year Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a 2 year Master of Chiropractic.

Stuart is passionate about health and loves helping people of all ages reach their full potential - from people with back pain and neck pain; young people with sports injuries; office workers needing postural help; and the elderly wanting to maintain strength and movement.

Stuart particularly enjoys working with the complex conditions of headache, migraine, dizziness and balance. Also, having been an elite sportsman himself, he has specialised knowledge and expertise in muscular and joint sporting injuries.

Stuart has learnt from the world’s best in golf to achieve certification from the Titleist Performance Institute, which qualifies Stuart to assess golfers of all levels to identify any physical issues that can affect your golf swing. He is also in the process of completing his FIFA Diploma in Football Medicine, as well the International Chiropractic Sports Science Diploma.

Further to his university degrees, Stuart has completed studies with the Trigenics Institute of Functional Neurology, where he attained an advanced diploma in the neurology and management of muscular injuries, aches/pains, and function.

A self-confessed nerd, Stuart continually attends a wide range of seminars to stay up-to-date with all the latest research, as well as to accumulate a comprehensive assortment of treatment methods. This provides Stuart with an extensive “tool-kit” from the gentle to the strong, such as spinal mobilisation/manipulation, muscular releases, dry needling, kinesio-taping and rehabilitation.

Dr Astrid Ramsden ( Chiropractor )
B.Med.Sc M.Chiro

Astrid joined the team at Hornsby chiropractic in January 2009. She has a Bachelor Degree in Medical Science from the University of Sydney (majoring in Anatomy and Neuroscience), and a Masters of Chiropractic from Macquarie University.

As a graduate, Astrid moved to Newcastle where she gained additional experience in nutritional supplementation and gait analysis for orthotic prescription. Astrid also was involved in the sporting community and worked as a volunteer chiropractor in surf carnivals, such as ‘Surfest’. Astrid has a particular interest in several areas of chiropractic such as sports and injury management, headache and migraine treatment and arthritis relief.

Astrid continues to develop her skills through regular seminars and conferences. She has undergone further studies in Sacro-Occipital Technique, Lower Limb Biomechanics and Chiropractic and Active Care to improve patient outcomes. Astrid has a keen interest in rehabilitation of the spine and neck.

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