Taping / Creams

Rocktape Taping System

Our practitioners are trained in the specific taping techniques with rocktape – this can be applied for injury and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal areas and also used to enhance performance in athletes.

ROCKTAPE helps enhance performance when applied to a specific muscle group by:

  • Promoting blood flow to the muscles
  • Promoting lymphatic drainage
  • Assisting in the removal of lactic acid
  • Reducing muscle vibration

Hornsby Chiropractic Centre also stocks rolls of rocktape that may be purchased.
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Anti-flamme cream has been used for the past 10 years at Hornsby Chiropractic Centre by our practitioners . It is now available for purchase from us so you can take it home and use it at your convenience.

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These are specifically built hand held massage machines for home use .

We generally keep a supply of these for purchase at our clinic - they are easy to use, light , effective , very popular and the best home massage product we have found and are happy to recommend .

They are also very reasonably priced at $90 inc GST

Suggested patient usages

  • Chronic soft tissue needs
  • Assist rehabilitatiion
  • Pre- and /or post exercise or sports "just like the professionals"
  • After work to help counteract the affects of manual labour, prolonged sitting and so forth
  • General relaxation and maintenance

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