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Stuart is our in-house golf expert who is certified by the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI). Through years of research, the Titleist Performance Institute managed to map out the complex links between the body and the golf swing. Certified practitioners, such as Stuart, are able to assess your body to establish where swing problems can arise – whether that be an issue leading to poor shots or leading to injury. Swing problems or inconsistencies often relate to a physical limitation somewhere in the body, so it takes an expert to find the key issue, then have the skills to help you correct it.

Just mention you are booking in for a golf assessment when making your booking and our font desk team will allocate enough time for your appointment. Following your assessment, you will also be sent a thorough report outlining any findings and how they affect your swing. If you are planning on having any golf lessons at your local course, this report is vital information for your golf teacher.

Could your neck be affecting your golf swing?

How far can you turn your head to the left and right? Ideal range is 80-90 degrees, which is equivalent to turning to your shoulders. If you can’t turn that far, or it hurts to do so – it’s affecting your swing.

When we were learning the game of golf, everyone remembers being told: “don’t lift you head!” and “keep your head still”, but without full neck range of motion, it is almost impossible to complete a full golf swing. At the top of the backswing, your neck is actually at full rotation - your head stays relatively still while the torso rotates relative to the head. If neck movement is limited, golfers either lift their head – resulting in a bad shot; or compensate by shortening their swing or adding too much movement elsewhere, all of which rob the player of distance and consistency.

The golf swing is an incredibly complex movement that requires all parts of the body to move freely and smoothly.

All of the chiropractors at Hornsby Chiropractic Centre are experts in treating these issues; however if a golf-specific assessment is required Dr Stuart Ivey (Chiropractor) is a Certified Titleist Performance Institute practitioner who can assess your body and swing. Contact the clinic on (02)94764302 for more information.

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